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As a doctoral student on a graduate assistantship, I had the opportunity to lead two semesters of our undergraduate Maps and Mapmaking labs for about 30-40 students per semester. Each week my goal was to help students build confidence in their skills in creating and designing maps using both Adobe Illustrator and ArcGIS Pro. Map design is my primary research interest and personal passion, so leading these labs has been a wonderful opportunity to share this love for maps with the students as we inspire each other with new design techniques and understanding of the role of maps in our ever-evolving world.

Photo by Ruthie on Unsplash


Some of the books I personally recommend to students or use to help in my understanding and teaching of maps and map design




Student Feedback

"Heather is a very good instructor and will make an amazing professor one day. She always showed up to class energetic (sometimes the only one with energy) and showed she was passionate about the subject she was teaching. She was also great about getting back to students when they needed help and even helped me out with another class one time. 5-star review for Heather"
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