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My path in Geographic Information Sciences at Texas A&M University has

led me to a myriad of opportunities. Whether it be in participating in the oil and

gas industry or conducting academic research, I have yet to find a field where GIS is

not valuable. Throughout coursework and experience, I have found a special niche in cartography

This as well as my passion for the arts allows me to transform what is understood with logic into creative

visualizations that inspire a new perspective and understanding of the dynamic world around us. I believe there is great value in being able to communicate large concepts with creative visual designs such as maps, infographics, diagrams, charts and much more.

I consider myself a creative person. When I am not studying, I enjoy painting with acrylics or experimenting with pastels, and I love playing the piano. I also practice boxing and crocheting as a way to keep busy. Born and raised in Texas, I appreciate family-style barbecue and the occasional night out two-stepping with friends.

I originally found my way to studying geosciences through an Intro to Geology course, when I was absolutely captivated by the chapter on soils in my textbook; following my graduation in December 2018, I achieved a minor in Geology. In addition to a deep appreciation for earth systems and geologic processes (as seen here), my international travels have also given me diverse cultural experiences. Having awareness and passion for both the earth and the people in it gives me a unique point of view of what and who we are mapping.

The world is constantly changing, and studying GIS helps me to tackle new challenges with a spatial perspective

while creating a keen skill set for critical and creative problem solving.

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Graduate student. Cartographer. Published researcher.




CURRENT WORK: I have recently been working towards publications in the Professional Geographer Journal (2021) and Cartographcia (upcoming 2023)  while furthering and expanding upon my Master's research on Children's Cartography for my current dissertation! I am also assisting my PhD advisor (Dr. Alberto Giordano) in research pertaining to Qualitative GIS with a focus on map design and visualizations of Holocaust survivor testimonies, mapping 18th century Lithuanian/Prussian border history from interviews, and the role of cartographic design in WWII propaganda.

I currently lead our department's Advanced Cartographic Design labs for undergraduate and master's students. I also serve as the PhD Vice President of our primary student organization "Grad Forum" as well as the PhD Co-Chair for our annual student-lead departmental Research Symposium (GESSRS).  

FUTURE FOCUS: As of the Spring of 2023, I am finishing up my course work in Texas State's PhD program, and am working towards preparing for my comprehensive exams and upcoming role as an Instructor of Record for an introductory cartography course for undergraduates in the coming semester(s). Looking towards the future, my current aspiration is to stay in academia and become a Professor of Geography with a focus in Cartography; I sincerely enjoy teaching and the process of both research and cartographic design

Texas A&M University

Jan 2019 - June 2019


Summer 2018

Post-Graduate Researcher


Conducted geoscience research with a focus on paper writing and publishing. Projects include: personal research, data visualization, analysis of GeoJobs in today's industry, and more. 

Land GIS Analyst Intern 


Summer internship at company headquarters in Houston, Texas. Expanded core knowledge of oil and gas lease and land skills with a spatial analysis perspective. Collaborated across multiple departments to ensure shared vision of projects such as designing enterprise-wide webmaps utilizing ArcMap and web servers.

Texas State University

Aug 2019 - Present

Graduate Assistant (Research + Teaching)


Funded graduate teaching assistantship with responsibility to lead undergraduate & master student labs in Historical Geology, Maps and Mapmaking, and Advanced Cartographic Design. I also serve as the PhD Vice President of the Graduate Forum, as well as the PhD Co-Chair of the student-run Geography Student Research Symposium

Education & Experience

Texas State University

Jan 2022 - Present

Texas State University

Aug 2019 - Dec 2021

Texas A&M University

Aug 2014 - Dec 2018

Doctor of Philosophy      4.00 GPA       


Geography, focus in Cartography

Graduate Assistantship

Master of Science         4.00 GPA     


Geography, focus in Cartography

Graduate Assistantship

Bachelor of Science       3.68 GPA CUM LAUDE


Geographic Information Sciences & Technology,

   concentration in Earth Systems Analysis

Minor in Geology

Summer 2017

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Summer 2016

Exhibits Department Intern      


Summer internship in Dallas, Texas. Collaborated with multiple museum departments to identify and resolve exhibit issues, and evaluated museum design and functionality to enhance visitor enjoyment.

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